New Zealand Merino Wool

The Advantages of Merino Clothing for Children

Merino wool is known for its comfort and softness. It is especially gentle on a child’s skin and reduces instances of allergies and rashes because of its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. When it comes to choice of clothing for children, parents prefer clothes which are easy on their baby’s skin. The following are a few benefits of merino clothing for children. These include:

  • Natural fibers like merino wool keeps the baby warm and comfortable. There is also some scientific evidence that merino clothing can help improve sleep for babies.
  • Mostly babies who are light sleepers can benefit from merino blankets and clothing while sleeping. It offers them the right amount of comfort and warmth to help them sleep soundly.
  • The natural temperature regulating properties of the wool allow the child to feel comfortable no matter what temperature of the surroundings are. Children usually cry when they feel too hot or cold. Since they can’t say it out loud, most parents feel flustered because of it. The merino wool allows children’s bodies to regulate the temperature naturally and thus provide much needed comfort.
  • The natural moisture absorbing properties of the wool allows the bedding to remain dry. Children tend to sweat a great deal and when their bedding becomes moisture ridden, it can affect their quality of sleep. Since merino wool is pretty absorbent and breathable, instances of anything like this happening is greatly reduced.
  • Merino wool is extremely soft and almost feels like second skin. Therefore children can run around and play without fear of chaffing or abrasion which often occurs with other sorts of warm clothing.
  • It’s a known fact that children need regular change of clothing. It’s because of the spills that happen when a child first starts feeding. The best part about merino clothing is that it’s odor resistant, stain resistant and dries pretty fast. It can withstand the constant washing of the washing machine. It won’t lose its shape and look as good as new for a long time. It’s a mothers best friend and reduces the constant hours spent cleaning and washing baby clothing.
  • It makes a great night wear for children but its other properties like being fire resistant makes it an extremely safe choice for children to wear throughout the day.
  • Another plus point of merino clothing is that’s its wrinkle free and you don’t have to iron it. This can be a real blessing for busy mothers, a garment which can be washed and won without having been ironed.
  • The naturally resistant and sturdy merino fabric allows t to retain its shape, remain satin resistant and be odor free thus it can be passed down from one sibling to another without its quality being affected in any way.

With so many benefits which merino clothing has to offer, it’s no wonder that smart parents across New Zealand prefer it for their babies.  For the best merino clothing in New Zealand make sure you check out the variety available at online stockists.