Common Tax Return Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

common mistakes

While filing taxes, people often make a few common mistakes which slow down their tax return process. Most of these errors happen when people rush things, as the last date to file your taxes approaches. When these small errors appear on your tax return, they can have big consequences.  Here are some of the most common mistakes made by tax filers and some easy ways to avoid these mistakes.

Wrong Social Security Number

Many people get their or their kid’s Social Security numbers wrong. It can be a typographical error or simply a case of forgetfulness.  Either way, a wrong social security number can cause serious hindrance in your tax process.

How to Avoid: Before you fill in the social security number, doublecheck your own, your spouse, children or other dependents’ numbers from their social security card.

Wrong Names

As shocking as it may sound, many taxpayers often misspell the names of their dependents or spouse. Considering the hours, they spend working on their tax return, it’s not surprising to make a name error. Writing the wrong name on your tax return is a common mistake. The name on the tax return should match the name on your social security card.

How to Avoid: To avoid this common mistake, make sure you write the correct name that matches with your name on social security card. Check carefully if your name is spelled properly or not.

Not Getting Proper Help

Tax matters are very sensitive and crucial. One small mistake in the process can be problematic in the form of money and time loss. Many people try to take the matter in their own hand and approach tax-related issues with little, or no knowledge and experience.

How to Avoid: Hire a tax accountant as they can help you file your tax return geelong properly and make the procedure easy for you. Tax accountants  are well-versed in the tax laws and can help you with any tax-related issues.

Incorrect Calculations


An inaccurate sum is never a welcome sight, but on your tax returns, this simple mistake can greatly impede the taxation process. Taxpayers usually use various computerized software to complete their return but although they are fairly accurate, they aren’t foolproof. You can still end up getting wrong sums by adding wrong numbers in the first place.

How to Avoid: Make sure you use accurate figures. This means no guesswork or assumptions. Even if you are using computer software, doublecheck all the figures and make sure these figures are the same as those mentioned in your tax returns.

Although your tax return goes through many processes and it’s checked thoroughly it’s always a good idea to doublecheck and then re-check your returns, so that you can avoid the common filing mistakes that can slow down the entire process.