Why Use Merino Wool

Merino wool is a great fabric. Unlike regular wool which is known to be warm and itchy, merino wool helps regulate the body temperature during extreme weather conditions and feels butter soft against your skin.

Merino wool is extremely breathable and helps evaporate moisture from your body, helping to keep it cool during exercise. The more breathable the fabric the better it can remove the moisture. Merino wool does exactly that without weighing you down. You can exercise without feeling all hot and sweaty. As your body releases the sweat, the fiber in merino wool helps absorb it and release it back into the environment. The fabric is absorbent enough to retain thirty percent of the body’s moisture yet still feel dry to touch. Unlike synthetic fiber which can only retain seven percent of the sweat and become all wet and sloppy, merino can be a great option for active wear.

Whereas wool is considered to be a fabric essential for winters only, merino is a completely different story. The natural crimping in merino wool helps create a vacuum which helps keep the dead air trapped within. This acts like an insulator and helps keep the individual wearing it feel comfy and warm.

Not only does it help keep you warm but during hot weather it helps absorb the moisture. Then it evaporates that moisture thus providing an immediate cooling effect to the body. The hotter you would feel, the more moisture will it absorb and thus the cooler you would feel wearing merino wool active wear. Merino wool has an innate quality of remove moisture it is vapor state only and thus never lets you perspire too much.

Merino wool is also durable and resistant. This is all owing to its innate structure. Its complex structure almost behaves like a second skin providing warmth and cold when and wherever required. Merino wool is made from interlocking protein molecules known as keratin. These keratin molecule are present in our hair and skin as well and provide them with elasticity. This is why you can bend, stretch and pull the merino fabric in any direction and yet it will still retain its shape. That’s one of the best things about merino wool, it can retain its shape and look as good as new for a longer time period.

This ability of the wool also allows it to be more odor resistant than synthetic or cotton clothing. The bacteria which cause odor can’t flourish within the fabric because of its moisture evaporating properties. Despite extremely hot weather you can be assured that you won’t have to worry about body odor.

There is a common misconception that merino wool would be just as itchy as regular wool and might not make for good active wear. However, this isn’t the case. Merino wool is extremely soft and supple. Its ability to feel like second skin can do wonders for your fitness regime, helping it become better.

For more information on merino wool clothing, make sure you contact an online stockist.

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