How to Legally Change Names in Australia

People decide to change their names legally for many reasons. Name change can occur when you get married, during divorce or separation, and just want a change or correcting spelling mistakes. Changing your name easily depends on the reason you want the name change.

While changing your name after marriage or divorce is simpler than when just doing it, the process is quite simpler than the past. Make an application with your birth, marriage and death certificates to legally change names in Australia.

Once the application is approved, you receive a certificate on details regarding the name change to legally change names in Australia. In case your birth was registered in that same state, you will be provided with an amended birth certificate. The cost for changing names whether both names or just one name or even the spelling of your name is the same.

Two Options

You Have Two Options When Changing Your Name

Decide to change your name through notifications association, including friends, family and colleagues of your new name. The new name will take effect without using formal steps. You will have a new name by association in the community, but you will not have legally changed it.

Legal documents such as a passport will still have your old names. Legal change; bank accounts, issued identification and companies will only allow you to use new names if you present the certificate of name change.

Where Should You Apply For The Change?

You can either apply for the name change in the state where you were born or in the state you currently reside in. In case you don’t live in the state you were born in, you have to prove that you have lived in that state for a period of time eligible for name change. If you are not Australia born, provide evidence of residence in the country.

Who Can Change Their Names?

If you are 18 years and above, an Australian born citizen, or have a permanent residence, you can apply for a name change. Moreover, you don’t require a legal name change when you take your spouse’s name after marriage or when you divorce.

Duration of the Process and Cost

If you want most of your documents and paperwork to be changed within 6 to 9 weeks, you will need to purchase an easy name change personalized kit. Separate fees will be paid to the births, deaths and marriage.

Name change kit fees vary from state to state. The fees aid is usually not refundable. The average fees you can pay for is between 50 to 200 dollars.

Legally Changing Your Name In Australia Involves The Four Steps Below:

  1. Easy name change kit is delivered by mail in a day. Allow between 10 to 15 working days for premium kits delivery.
  2. Take a period of one to two weeks to lodge an application with BDM.
  3. Within a period of 4 weeks, the certificate of name change is mailed to you. It may take 2 weeks longer depending on your state of work backlog.
  4. 1 week is for sending name change notifications to your listed companies and updating your records.
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