The Benefits of Merino Wool

Merino wool is a versatile choice of fabric for garments due to its many beneficial properties. The structure of merino wool is such that it allows the individual wearing it to feel extremely comfortable. The major reason why people prefer active wear made from merino wool includes all of the following.

Superb moisture management property

Merino wool can absorb the moisture from the body and rapidly cool it down during exercise. Active wear which gets wet and sticks to the body during exercise can be quite irritating and weigh you down. Instead merino wools helps keep you stay dry and thus helps improve work out sessions. The fiber in merino wool can absorb moisture up to 35% and yet remain dry to feel and touch.

Helps regulate temperature

During extreme weather conditions, the fibers in merino wool help regulate the temperature of your body. The natural crimp in the fiber helps create lots of little packets of vacuum, thereby keeping you warm in cold weather and cool during the hot weather. This offers extreme comfort and can be pretty handy especially for those who tend to exercise outside their homes.

Odor control

Since you would be sweating a great deal less when wearing active wear designed from merino wool, there are less chances of body odor as well. Plus the breathability of the fabric can allow for moisture to be absorbed faster. So sweat evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave behind a residue.

Provides comfort and can retain its shape

The most important factor people look for in active wear is comfort and fit. Merino wools fabrics not only provide best levels of comfort but even allows you to exercise without compromising on the quality of the fitting. It retains its shape no matter how many times it’s washed and laundered. This I because the elasticity of the fiber allow it to retain its shape, thus making it more resistant to wear and tear. The spiral shaped particles of the fabric act like coils which spring back to their original shape despite a great deal of stretching or pulling. The fiber is soft and feels luxurious against your skin. So you don’t have to worry about suffering from abrasions caused by fitness gear.

Low maintenance

The best part about merino wool is that it stays fresher for longer and is pretty easy to wash. It can withstand the cleaning and washing easily, going back to its original shape after every laundry. This low maintenance means that it stays in its original shape no matter what. Plus the fact that it’s pretty much stain resistant is an added benefit. Easy to wash and maintain, it’s no wonder that merino wool is the most popular choice of fabric for active wear.

With so many benefits of merino wool, it’s no wonder clothes made from it are in high demand. When buying merino wool clothing make sure you buy from a well-known manufacturer.